Light Festival Glow Eindhoven

Labyrinth of passions

Nov 12   Nov 19

On Catarina’s church we project Jheronimus Bosch’s pictural universe to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of his death. We want to highlight all the tricks of his illustrated world.

As in a labyrinth, we walk and try to go thru every offered path. Catarina’s church becomes a huge picture in constant motion. Choreographic scenes are coming out of Verdi’s music “Dies Irae”.

Watch those black and granulous monsters, old ancestors of our comic strips dragons, flying in a leaden sky. Observe the holy round breasted Saints, the foolish hermits exposed to worst temptations. Look at those cohorts of butts offering themselves or farting, those puking churls, those cloven footed eggs taking away bodies.

Yes, let’s enter Bosch’s hypnotical round.